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Photograph of Tony Hinkle

Paul D. "Tony" Hinkle joined Butler University's athletic staff as a young man - only just out of college himself - in 1921. At the time, Butler was quite different from the University we know today - the famous Butler Bulldog had only been our mascot for two years, and the campus was still years from making the move from our previous home in Irvington to our current spot in Indianapolis' Midtown district. 

Hinkle Fieldhouse in the Snow

Within eight years of Coach Hinkle's tenure, Butler had moved to Fairview Park, won two national basketball championships, and built what would in time become known as Hinkle Fieldhouse - the big, barnlike structure that continues to capture imaginations today. 

The story of Coach Hinkle and his fieldhouse is long and fascinating. Our timeline chronicles dozens of events in Butler University's history through the lens of sport. Don't miss out - have fun exploring!