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Clowes Family

Photograph of Edith Whitehill Hinkel Clowes (seated) and Allen W. Clowes (holding program, standing behind Edith) with others at the cornerstone laying ceremony for Clowes Memorial Hall

Edith and Allen W. Clowes at the cornerstone laying ceremony of Clowes Memorial Hall, 1961

Originally appearing in Butler University Named Spaces

Clowes Memorial Hall, on the campus of Butler University, is named in memory of its benefactors, Edith (1885-1967) and Dr. George H.A. Clowes (1877-1958), for whom the university’s chemistry department also is named. The acoustically perfect hall has been a cultural center in Indianapolis since being built in 1963. Dr. Clowes came to the United States from England in 1900 and settled in Buffalo, N.Y., where he worked as a chemist. He later moved to Indianapolis. Employed by Eli Lilly and Company as director of research, Clowes organized the mass production of insulin and led development efforts for liver extract, local anesthetics and antiseptics. 

Photograph of Allen Whitehill Clowes

Allen Whitehill Clowes

The Clowes’ sons, the late Dr. George H.A. Clowes Jr. (1915-1988) and the late Allen Whitehill Clowes (1917-2000), continued the family’s legacy of support at Butler until their deaths. Allen Clowes served as a Butler trustee from 1960 to 1984 and was instrumental in establishing the hall’s initial success.

Clowes Family