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Butler Digital History

Noble Lee Sissle

Photograph of Noble Sissle

Special guests entertained Butler University students at the March 15, 1923, chapel exercises. Noble Sissle, who attended Butler during the 1914–1915 school year, and his costar Eubie Blake performed before a “season record crowd” at the exercises, according to the Butler Collegian. They were promoting their musical Shuffle Along, which was playing to full houses in Indianapolis theaters. While at Butler, Sissle had been the song leader at athletic events and he wrote popular football song parodies and yells. Sissle left Butler University to lead a dance band at the Severin Hotel in Indianapolis. An Indianapolis native, Sissle was immersed in music at an early age while singing in the church choir where his father was a Methodist minister. He had a multifaceted career in music, including working as a bandleader, composer, and vaudeville performer.

Photograph of the cover for the sheet music for the song "I'm Just Wild About Harry"

Sissle and Blake wrote the standard “I’m Just Wild about Harry,” which Harry S Truman used during his 1948 presidential election campaign.

Click below to hear Paul Whiteman's rendition of the popular tune:

Noble Lee Sissle