Guests at the Dedication Ceremony for the Irwin Library at Butler University

Guests assemble in the atrium of Irwin Library to witness the dedication ceremony for Butler University's new library building. 

Clementine Tangeman, J. Miller Irwin, and Elsie Irwin Sweeney Standing Outside the Irwin Library at Butler University

Xenia Miller, J. Miller Irwin, and Elsie Irwin Sweeney stand outside Irwin Library. Mr. Irwin served as trustee of Butler University, and Ms. Sweeney served as President of the Irwin-Sweeney-Miller Foundation, which contributed greatly to the construction of Irwin Library. 

“If you have stood on the levies at night and watched the steam boats going up and down the great river, especially the excursion boats, you have seen an image of our building - a floating palace of light."

The remarks of speakers at the dedication ceremony for Irwin Library, the new library building at Butler University, hint at the wonder members of the Butler and Indianapolis communities felt as they looked upon the new addition to campus. Speakers considered the architectural style of the building - "It is a poetic synthesis of all good styles, ancient, modern, eastern, western. It is a creation from many styles which has copied none of them. It is, in other words, Yamasaki." Dr. Allegra Stewart ruminated on the intellectual purpose of a university library - "It is the intellectual center of of the campus, where students come to study, to think, to browse, to write papers. Here they are surrounded by eminent minds, and if they know their way about, can come into contact with the oldest wisdom and the newest works of imagination, discovery, and invention." And Mrs. Robert S. Tangeman, Butler trustee and Vice President of the Irwin-Sweeney-Miller Foundation, spoke on the current and future need for the expansion of university libraries - “Knowledge is expanding more rapidly than ever before in the history of man. This explosion of knowledge has stimulated intellectual curiosity and a desire to learn such as our country has never experienced," Mrs. Tangeman said. "The Trustees must make long range plans for the growth of library facilities and must provide an ever increasing budget for books and library operating expenses."