The People of Irwin

Student Reading in the Stacks in Butler University Irwin Library

Black and white view of a student sitting at a table in the stacks and reading a book.

Since its founding in 1963, Irwin Library has been a place of functionality and inspiration for the people who partake in its many benefits. From the staff who first opened the doors of Irwin to the students who will cross its threshold many years in the future, people are the most important factor in Irwin's incredible history. Without the people of the past and the present, Irwin Library would only be a relic of its founding. However, those who have lived life at Irwin have also breathed that life into this inspirational building, allowing it to further evolve and adapt to their needs and to captivate the people of the future.

So what does life at Irwin look like? Look through the Staff and Student photos for some of people's most formative moments at Irwin Library.