Butler Digital History

Butler Digital History

This site has been put together collaboratively by Butler University students, library faculty, and staff. These exhibits and collections feature digitized items from Butler University Library.

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Photograph of Butler University President Alexander Jones, Elsie Irwin Sweeney, Clementine Tangeman, and J. Irwin Miller taken in the atrium of Butler University's Irwin Library during the May 1, 1965, dedication of the building. Due to the families'…

An advertisement from Steinway & Sons titled "Steinway News" that features Lilly Hall and Clowes Memorial Hall at Butler University. The architect's rendering shows the juxtaposition of the buildings and a photograph highlights Lilly Hall's…

A schedule of the Butler University basketball games for the 1948-49 season. Pictures of Butler Fieldhouse and Tony Hinkle are included. Ticket prices range from $.50 for children's seats to $1.20 for reserved seating.

A photograph of George W. Geib who taught History at Butler for 49 years before his retirement in 2014. He started at the University in 1965 and reached the rank of Professor in September 1979. He became the head of the History Department in June…

A photograph of the Eliza A. Blaker Room, Jordan Hall, Butler University. Decorated with reconditioned furnishings from the Teachers College of Indianapolis, the room was created by the Eliza A. Blaker Club in 1943 and located in Jordan Hall. The…
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