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Butler Digital History

This site has been put together collaboratively by Butler University students, library faculty, and staff. These exhibits and collections feature digitized items from Butler University Library.

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This is a group photograph of students from the Rhode Island Street Kindergarten in Indianapolis, Indiana. The students are African American and the classroom is decorated for the harvest season. A portrait of Friedrich Fröbel hangs on the wall. By…

A group photograph of students from the Alice Tyler Memorial Kindergarten, Muncie, Indiana, in the classroom during a free play period. The children are engaged in various activities, including playing with wooden blocks and other Fröbel gifts. The…

A group photograph of an immigrant kindergarten class with children from Austria, Hungary, and Russia, 1914. October 12 is written on the chalkboard. The free kindergarten was run by the Indianapolis Free Kindergarten and Children's Aid Society,…
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