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Butler Digital History

This site has been put together collaboratively by Butler University students, library faculty, and staff. These exhibits and collections feature digitized items from Butler University Library.

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A photo of Irwin Library taken in August of 2015. Though it looks as it has for decades, changes are happening all around Irwin on campus and within the library.

Signs all over campus read "Pardon Our Dust" as construction spills over from the summer into the semester.

1993 3.JPG
Located in Atherton Union

1994 2.JPG
Located in the Reilly Room in Atherton Union.

Located at the South entrance of Atherton Union.

Located in Atherton Union

2001 2.JPG
Located East of Atherton Union

81 2.JPG
Located East of Atherton Union.


2011 1.JPG
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